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Meadow and Reversing Falls Trail


  • Walking, Hiking and Biking Trails
  • Shorefront
  • Picnic Tables and Screened Picnic Pavilions 
  • Restroom 

Parkland Information

Shorefront Access: 4380 ft.

Walking and Biking Trails: The Race Point Trail, historic Kelly Point Road, (0.7 miles) leads from Crow’s Neck Road to the Long Meadow Picnic Pavilion. The trail continues as a grassed path east to the Race Point Unit of Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s Cobscook Bay Management Area. 

Hiking Trails: The Reversing Falls Trail (0.6 miles – loop) follows the northern shoreline of the parkland, the overlook at Kelly Point offers a spectacular panorama of the racing tides around Falls Island, the Reversing Falls, and a long view down Denny’s Bay. At the end of the Reversing Falls Trail and Race Point Trail, follow the mowed path to IFW ‘s Race Point Unit which accesses the Straight Bay Loop a 0.8 mile hike around a narrow peninsula facing south into Straight Bay. The Mowe’s Mountain Trail (0.35 miles – each way) climbs to the highest point in the park, which provides a bird’s eye view of Denny’s Bay to the northwest.

Paddle Trails: Currents are incredibly strong and dangerous around Race Point, do not paddle in these waters.
Paddle at your own risk and stay aware of changing conditions.

Bike Routes: From Race Point ride the quiet and scenic Crow’s Neck Road to Whiting Bay Beach (2.4 miles), to the IFW’s Lily Lake (3.8 miles), to Red Point Shorefront Park (7.7 miles) or to parklands on Denbow Neck, South Bay Narrows (6.7 miles), Morong Cove (8.5 miles), Island Coves (9.4 miles) or Huckins Beach and Trail (10 miles). 

Picnicking: Enjoy two screened picnic pavilions at Race Point, the Long Meadow Picnic Pavilion and the Racing Tides Picnic Pavilion. The Long Meadow Picnic Pavilion is in the center of the park on the Race Point Trail. You can reach the Racing Tides Picnic Pavilion via the Race Point Trail or Reversing Falls Trail.  

MOEP: The Maine Outdoor Education Program hosts local students each spring at Race Point for guided biking on the Race Point property and Crow’s Neck Road. Learn more.