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Wildlife Preserve and Paddle


  • Wildlife Preserve 
  • Walking, Hiking and Biking Trails
  • Hand Boat Launch
  • Picnic Tables
  • Restroom 

Parkland Information

Waterfront Access: 6,730 ft – Hand Boat Launch.
Hand Boat Launch open July and August only. 

Walking and Biking Trails: The Reynold’s Brook Trail is a 0.8 mile re-surfaced gravel road through northern hardwoods forest. This road ends at the Reynold’s Brook Paddle up picnic site used by the Maine Outdoor Education Program.  

Paddle Trails: The Orange River Water Trail is a 5.9 mile canoe/kayak route which, in addition to being a beautiful paddle, provides access to remote hiking trails (Downeast Coastal Conservancy’s Estey Mountain Trail) and day-use picnic sites owned and maintained by the Downeast Coastal Conservancy. Paddle at your own risk and stay aware of changing conditions. 

  • Orange River – Reynold’s Brook is one of the best preserved coastal river systems in Maine; with extensive herbaceous aquatic vegetation it is a high value site for waterfowl. Avoid disturbing wildlife.
  • Maintain distance from waterfowl especially during the nesting season, May through Mid-June.
  • Paddle in open waterways and avoid emergent vegetation where birds may nest or take refuge.

Picnicking: Cobscook Shores maintains picnic tables at the end of the Reynold’s Brook Trail, where Reynold’s Brook meets the Orange River. DCC maintains three additional picnic sites along the Orange River Water Trail.   

MOEP: The Maine Outdoor Education Program hosts local students each fall at Reynold’s Brook – Orange River for guided kayaking along the Orange River Water Trail. Learn more.