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RED POINT Nature Preserve

Bird Sanctuary


  • Open 9am to 5pm daily; Birding Groups may make special arrangements by contacting
  • No dogs, except service animals 
  • Preserve offers space for quiet outdoor recreation and bird watching
  • Walking, Hiking and Biking Trails
  • Shore Access
  • Picnic Tables and Screened Picnic Pavilions 
  • Restroom 

Parkland Information

Shorefront Access: 11,300 ft. 

Walking and Biking Trails: South Bay Trail (0.8 miles, each way) is an “Acadia style” crusher fine trail.

Hiking Trails: Red Point and Red Point Island* hiking trails (1.2 miles) offer spectacular views of South Bay including Scrub Island, Long Island and the Long Island Passage. 

Paddle Trails: Two paddle-up access points (high tide only) from South Bay at the Isthmus Steps and Case Cove access points. Part of the Huckins Beach – Red Point paddle route (4.4 miles, each way). Paddle at your own risk and stay aware of changing conditions. 

Bike Routes: From Red Point Shorefront Park bike west along Route 189 to Crow’s Neck Road. From Crow’s Neck Road access parklands of Denbow Neck, South Bay Narrows: Shoreline Trail and Paddle (3.5 miles), Morong Cove: Picnic and Paddle (5.4 miles), Island Coves: Picnic and Paddle –visits welcome by appointment- (6 miles), Huckins Beach and Trail: Paddle and Camping (6.9 miles) or the parklands of Crow’s Neck, Whiting Bay: Picnic and Paddle (5.7 miles), Race Point: Meadow and Reversing Falls Trail (6.7 miles) or Red Point Shorefront Park (7.3 miles). 

Note that Cobscook Shores does not recommend biking east from Red Point Shorefront Park as there are currently no shoulders on Route 189 east of the Park and vehicles travel at 50 mph.

Picnicking: Enjoy two screened picnic pavilions: (Red Point Picnic Pavilion and Isthmus Picnic Pavilion) on Red Point, and a third on the Red Point Island* (Little Point Picnic Pavilion). Additionally, there are six private picnic table sites scattered throughout Red Point and Red Point Island*. The Red Point Picnic Tent is available for groups of six or more.

Access to Red Point Island
*Access to Red Point Island is flooded twice daily for one to two hours (depending on tide height).
Plan your hike accordingly. 
Do not attempt to cross while water covers stepping stones at the Red Point Island Crossing – simply wait until tide recedes.
Check the Tide Chart Here. 

Red Point Winter Access and Use: 
Available to the public this winter is four toboggan sleds that may be utilized on the Red Point Nature Preserve property throughout the season – given adequate snowfall! Please respect the gear and always be sure to operate safely and out of the way of others!